Professional Construction Management


"We began working with PCM3 in September 2000 and soon realized that we couldn't do it without their help and guidance. We have nearly completed our projects and can't say enough good about the professional and knowledgeable people we have had assigned to us by PCM3."

Upland USD - Steve Cary, Asst. Supt., Business Services


"I don't believe that I can say too much for the good work done by PCM3 in keeping our projects moving forward and watching out for our finances. The PCM3 staff has been organized, financially prudent and open and honest about the challenges they've encountered,"

Hermosa Beach City School District - Sharon L McClain, Ed.D., Superintendent


"PCM3 is knowledgeable in construction practices, construction laws and regulations. This knowledge was key in delivering successful projects here in the La Canada schools."

La Cañada USD - Michael Leninger, Ed.D., Asst. Supt. Facilities and Operations


".....the management team has efficiently contributed to the organization and improvement of our construction program and added immessurably to the implementation of our Measure M bond program."

Chino Valley USD - Paul Anderson, Ed.D., Assoc. Supt. for Facilities and Construction


"PCM3 works as an augmentation to our District staff, and has saved Val Verde USD thousands of dollars in construction costs. Constructability Reviews and Value Engineering are important tools that PCM3 has implemented to ensure that Val Verde USD is in full compliance on all issues and has the best built schools in Riverside County."

Val Verde USD - C. Fred Workman, Ed.D., Superintendent


"As construction managers, PCM3 helped guide the district through the intricate process of modernization and the spending of over 44 million dollars on construction alone. Their motto of "doing whatever it takes" resounded over and over again as each and every project and site opened on time."

Culver City USD - Laura McGaughey, Ed.D., Superintendent


"During the past four years, PCM3 has completed a very aggressive and successful modernization project at 16 school sites. All major construction work was completed during the summer break period. I wish to commend and recommend PCM3 on their efficiency, quality of work and especially their flexibility. The Westminister School District is very appreciative for the professionalism your team displayed throughout the project."

Westminister SD - Kenneth A. Fiolka, Director Facilities Planning


"Virtually every representative of this firm displays a high degree of competence and professionalism in the specialized area of school construction. The multiple prime contracting format utilized by PCM3 has also saved both time and money for our district. Having a coordinating agent on site to manage the construction has reduced our exposure to change orders, claims, unnecessary delyas and ability as compared to the single lowest bid general contractor model. PCM3 has shown a talent for innovation and willingness to embrace change in addressing the specific needs of our district. This attribute, when combined with a clearly displayed desire to serve the client, is one of the principal reasons why PCM3 is integrally involved in the planning process for the future building projects in the Oak Park Unified School District."

Oak Park USD - Stan Mantooth, Asst. Supt. - Business Services